Example Exercises You Can Do with Tension Toner


Adjustable Tension Within the Bar Makes Your Muscles Work Harder

•  Keeps Your Muscles Activated Throughout the Entire Range of Motion.

•  Activates Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously.


The Internal Resistance You Pull Against

•  3 levels of resistance built in the bar itself.

•  This makes your muscles work harder and challenges your muscles differently!

Resistance bands ineffective

Your Time Is Valuable.  Stop Wasting It on Ineffective Workouts.

Working out with resistance bands alone does not really do much.

Why is that you ask?

Resistance bands quickly lose tension during the lowering phase of every single rep.

Not getting enough tension during the entire range of motion kills your results.  

With Tension Toner, you're always pulling against resistance within the bar, increasing the time that your muscles are under tension


Make Your Muscles Work Harder

During every exercise, you are keeping the bar separated as you exercise. 

Imagine if your were running a mile on the beach versus a mile on the sidewalk.  Which would give you a better workout?

The beach, right?  That's because your muscles are challenged by working against the resistance of the sand. 

In the same way, your muscles are always pulling against resistance in the bar.  That means they stay activated longer and need more muscles to help get the job done. 


Next Steps

Here's What Will Happen After You Purchase Tension Toner:

  1. Your product will arrive in 2 to 4 business days.
  2. You'll get a link in your inbox to register for the membership site.
    •  This is where you'll access all the exercise videos.
    •  If you forget to register, you'll also have the instructions in a pamphlet that is delivered in your box.
  3. When your product arrives, watch the intro video on the member site to get familiar with the bar and accessories.


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