Exercise workout bar for home gym exercise equipment that will help lose weight and increase muscles

Activate More Muscle!

There are three levels of resistance built into the bar. As you pull the bar apart under isometric tension, your muscles work harder. Since you're working against TWO DIRECTIONS of resistance, you're exercising multiple muscles simultaneously and fatiguing your muscles quickly. That means you can stop spending countless hours at the gym and literally get one of the most effective workouts you've had, at home or even in your hotel room.


Helps Protect You From Injury

Tension Toner doesn’t just make one particular muscle group strong. In almost every exercise, you’ll engage your neglected pulling muscles. Most people that do any kind of resistance training primarily exercise their “mirror muscles,” which are the muscles you see when you flex in front of the mirror. Over-training mirror muscles while under-training your important “pulling muscles” like your back, trapezius, and rear shoulder muscles, creates muscle imbalances.


Train Each Side

Sometimes stronger muscles on one side of the body work harder, reducing the challenge to the same muscle group on the other side. This happens with straight barbells. Tension Toner, although a single unit, is a split bar. This creates an unbalanced load that your body has to adapt to, meaning you train each side equally.


Ultra Compact and Lightweight Design

The patented resistance bar comes fully assembled, is only 16 inches when folded, and weighs just 1.5 pounds

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