Intro Video (Watch This First)


Door Anchor Set Up

Double Loop Door Anchor Set Up (Low On Door)

Double Loop Door Anchor Set Up (High On Door)

Door Anchor Set Up (standard)


Please Note: The resistance bands on the door anchor exercises can be done in 2 ways.  There is the "double loop set up" and the "standard set up".  If you see "DL" next to a workout, that means you need to follow the "Double Loop Door Anchor Set Up" video that's above.

Arm Workouts

Crossover Punch

Straight Arm Pull Down (DL)

Tricep Pull Down (DL)

Bicep Curl

Shoulder Press

Scissor Curls


Wide Grip Bicep Curl


Reverse Curl With Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press to Chest Press

Unilateral Shoulder Press

Overhead Tricep Extension

Reverse Bicep Curl

High Tricep Extension



Raising Sit Ups


Leg Raises

Field Goal

Scissor Kicks

Horizontal Tension Twist

Backward Core Circle

Pause Rotations

Static Lunge Crossover

Lunge Twist

Core Cycling

X-Y Abs

Unilateral Oblique Twist

Chamber Kicks

Horizontal Wood Chop

Ab Extensions

Oblique Rotation

Butterfly Crunch

Unilateral Oblique Rotation

Add “Stability Chop”



Leg Abductor

Lunge With Static Straight Arms

Reach For The Stars

Lunge With Isometric Tricep Extension (DL)

Isometric Lunge With Arm Pulses

Overhead Isometric Wall Squat

Drinking Bird

Unilateral Backward Lunge

Overhead Lunge

45 Degree Crank

Side Lunge Balance

Lunge With Straight Arm Swing

Alternating Jump Lunges



Back Row

High Back Pulls -alternating hand position (DL)

Bent Over Row (DL)

Lat Pull Down (DL)

Isometric Squat Pulls (DL)

Power Rows (DL)

High-Low Pulls

Back Extension

Swimming Kicks

Floor Pull Ups

High Rows

Upright Underhand Pulls (DL)

Upright Row (DL)



Sitting Chest Press

Chest Press Fly (DL)

Incline Chest Press

High Chest Press (DL)

Isolated Chest Fly

Chest Press (DL)

Low Chest Crossover



Jumping Jacks

Push Jumps

Side Drops

High Knee Pushes

Churn Hop

Hot Feet


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