Here’s How You Can Cut Hours Off Your Workout!

Body gym portable exercise resistance band training.

Working out with Tension Toner is like running a mile on the beach versus a mile on a concrete sidewalk.

Even though you ran the same distance, the beach run will give you better results because your muscles are constantly working against the resistance of the sand.

In the same way, Tension Toner as contrasted with handles and bars forces your muscles to work harder. That’s because you are always working against resistance within the bar. By keeping the bar separated under tension, you recruit more muscles to get the job done, thereby increasing your strength and muscle tone fast.

Variable Built-In Resistance


  • Three levels of resistance built within the bar makes your muscles work harder.

Since you're working against TWO DIRECTIONS of resistance, you're exercising multiple muscles simultaneously and fatiguing your muscles quickly. The enhanced muscle recruitment from pulling the force within the bar allows you to workout not just the primary mover muscles, but stabilizer muscles as well.

Full body gym bow portable workout equipment.
resistance bands with portable home gym system.
fold workout bar for travel or storage.

The product is awesome for people who travel or are short on time for working out. You can catch mulitple styles of a workout where ever you are.
— Franklin N.

Distractions will always try to suck time out of your day.  But don't let it stop your commitment to your health.  

Reclaim your health by doing just a 10-minute workout with Tension Toner.