Grab Tension Toner,
Do a 10-minute Workout,
Win the Day


Adjustable Tension Within the Bar Makes Your Muscles Work Harder

  • Since you're working against TWO DIRECTIONS of resistance, you're exercising multiple muscle groups simultaneously and fatiguing your muscles quickly.
  • There are three levels of resistance built into the bar.
  • To change the resistance, pull one or both ends of the hour-glass shaped piece. This part is connected to the internal band and will safely stretch out the band to increase the resistance you pull against.


Strengthen and Define Your Muscles

During every exercise, you are keeping the bar separated as you exercise. 

Imagine if your were running a mile on the beach versus a mile on the sidewalk.  Which would give you a better workout?

The beach, right?  That's because your muscles are challenged by working against the resistance of the sand. 

In the same way, your muscles are always pulling against resistance within Tension Toner.  That means more muscle recruitment to help get the job done, thereby increasing your strength and muscle tone fast.


Instant Visual Feedback

The center straps, also known as the "Feedback Straps" gives you instant visual feedback so you know if you are pulling hard enough.

Since your muscles aren't used to working against two planes of motions, you'll have the feedback straps to tell you when you’re doing it right and coach you throughout every exercise.

Portable workout bar folds in half

Super Compact

We get it... most days you only have short periods of free time, but not enough to block off a full hour at the gym.

Imagine how it would feel to get an effective home workout without getting beaten down by dreary weather, traffic, and crowded gyms!

Tension Toner takes up little space in your house and doesn't need to be assembled.

That means you can literally workout anytime, anywhere.

The product is awesome for people who travel or are short on time for working out. You can catch mulitple styles of a workout where ever you are.
— Franklin N.

Distractions will always try to suck time out of your day.  But don't let it stop your commitment to your health.  

Reclaim your health by doing just a 10-minute workout with Tension Toner.