Tension Toner:
More Than a
Workout Bar.


Our patented Multi-Tension System is the key to increasing strength and muscle definition in a safe and efficient manner.

Other workout bars and cable machines only work your body in one plane of motion. Whether you’re an athlete or just an average Joe, this kind of training doesn’t prepare you for life.

Everyone’s body moves at various angles, speed, and directions. As such, that is how we should train our muscles.

Tension Toner doesn’t just make one particular muscle group strong. It incorporates stabilizer muscles to make sure the load/resistance is being controlled and moved efficiently.

Here’s an analogy to better illustrate this.

Working out with Tension Toner is like running on the beach versus running on a concrete sidewalk.

Even though you ran the same distance, the beach run will give you a better workout because your muscles are constantly working against the resistance of the sand. As you dig into the sand, you’re using more muscles to propel you forward.

In the same way, Tension Toner (as contrasted with handles or other workout bars) forces your muscles to work harder. That’s because you are always working against resistance within the bar. Adding extra resistance and instability to the movement forces your muscles to efficiently work together.


How Tension Toner Compares:


3 Quick Things You Need To Know Before You Use Tension Toner:


The product is innovative and is fun to use. There are plenty of exercises to do so I’m not bored.
— Tom

I’ve been lifting weights for over 30 years. When you can add some different exercises (or variations on your old favorites), it’s a bonus. The center tension system adds a challenge to standards movements. It’s good for base sets and as finish sets after heavy sets with standard weights.

The tension toner is also a great portable piece of equipment. Fits easily in your suitcase if you have to travel for business. It’s been on a few trips with me already.

Although I’ve not owned it for a long time, construction is high quality and the hardware seems like it will last for a long time.

Fantastic product...it’s exactly what I needed to get a great workout. Do not hesitate to purchase Tension Toner.
— Charles E. Smith

Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late

1 in every 4 people die from heart disease. The good news is that consistent exercise and better nutrition can slash your risk significantly!

Studies suggest that 10-minute exercises like ours have measurable positive health effects on your body and health.

So take the first step right now! The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll be the best version of yourself- healthy, strong, and ready to take on life!