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Over 70 Different Full Body Exercises to Build Strength & Muscle Definition

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No other workout bar will allow you to get as much muscle activation with multiple major muscle groups like you will with Tension Toner.

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Three levels of resistance built within the bar makes your muscles work harder. Since you're working against TWO DIRECTIONS of resistance, you're exercising multiple muscles simultaneously and fatiguing your muscles quickly.

The enhanced muscle recruitment from pulling the force within the bar allows you to workout not just the primary mover muscles, but stabilizer muscles as well.

Full body workout with portable home gym for resistance bands.


We get it... most days you only have short periods of free time, but not enough to block off a full hour at the gym.

Imagine how it would feel to get an effective home workout without getting beaten down by dreary weather, traffic, and crowded gyms!

Just select one of the 10 minute workout videos and follow along.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been lifting weights for over 30 years. When you can add some different exercises (or variations on your old favorites), it’s a bonus. The center tension system adds a challenge to standards movements. It’s good for base sets and as finish sets after heavy sets with standard weights.
— James G.
This is a great portable gym kit that really gives your body a complete workout. I especially like the horizontal tension workout which accompanies all the typical push/pull muscles that a standard band bar provides. Feeling the burn after short 10 minute exercise routines.
— K. Connell
This is a very convenient and powerful workout tool. I’ve used many home gym tools, but so far Tension Toner is my favorite because of how versatile it is and how little space it takes up in the house.
— Kelvin L.
Full portable bodygym workout.
Joe Sans Creator of Tension Toner

The Story of Tension Toner

The idea for Tension Toner was inspired by an ordinary hand towel of all things!

Joe Sans, the inventor of Tension Toner, got the concept from something his grandpa had shown him when he was younger.

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QUALITY GUARANTEE:  We stand by our quality.  Our workout equipment is made from premium, high quality materials.  In the very rare event that you receive a defective unit, we'll replace or completely refund your purchase.

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