Flabby Triceps

The 3 Best Exercises to Fight Flabby Triceps

There are so many Hollywood stars that have gained wide attention for their amazingly sculpted arms.  Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Hugh Jackman, and even former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

While most of these people have the money and resources to hire elite personal trainers to get envious arms, you can get it from your home.  As long as you're able to put at least 10 minutes a day into high intensity workouts, then these workouts will 100% help you get noticed by your friends and family. 

You may not be on the cover of Fitness Magazine, but you'll be the one your friends turn to for getting sculpted arms.

MYTH DEBUNKED:  Before we continue, we must first debunk a common myth, which says to get defined arms, you need to build your biceps.  While I love training my biceps, your triceps make up about two-thirds of your arms.  They are equally (if not more) important to train not just for aesthetic reasons, but for functional reasons too.  Stronger triceps help with stabilization of the shoulders, pushing/throwing movements, and writing.

That's where the Tension Toner fitness bar comes in.

By keeping the bars separated under tension, Tension Toner encourages you to multitask your muscles for more effective home workouts in less time.

While nearly every exercise with Tension Toner trains your triceps, these exercises in particular will really fire up the back of your arms.


#1. Tricep Pull Down

Why It Works So Well:  Tricep Pull Downs are one of my favorite exercise at the gym.  Unfortunately you have limited options when you're working out at home.  However, now with the Tension Toner Workout Bar, you can really blast your muscles.  Keeping the bar separated under tension really focuses on building your triceps muscles even more.  You'll be feeling the burn in the back of your arm from these workouts after just a few reps.

tricep press down 3.png

#2.  Back Rows

Why It Works So Well:  Back rows sound like they'd hit the back muscle more than the triceps.  But when you do this exercise with the Tension Toner Workout Bar, you're engaging your triceps muscle during the entire exercise.  This happens because you're keeping the bar separated during the entire exercise.  Consequently, it helps sculpt the triceps during the full range of motion.

Back Row2.png

3.  The Chest Press Fly

You won't see this exercise anywhere else.  Since Tension Toner is a split workout bar, it allows you to bring your hands together after you do a chest press.  Yes this brings in a lot of chest activation, HOWEVER this exercise really brings in a great deal of tricep utilization.  The reason being is that your triceps help push the resistance outward (during the press exercise).  Additionally it helps with stabilizing the resistance as your hands come inward (during the fly exercise). 

press-fly 1.png

See these exercises and many more in this video or click here make a purchase.