The Story of Tension Toner

The Story of Tension Toner
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About that time I started exercising with a prototype of Tension Toner, which was inspired by towel exercises my grandpa had shown me when I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember my grandpa taking a hand towel from the bathroom closet and telling me to pull on it. I was shocked by how sore my back and shoulder muscles were the next day.

I took that concept, and created Tension Toner as a unique way to exercise muscles in two planes of motion. However, after being sidelined from weight training, I was able to experience firsthand the amazing benefits of Tension Toner.

I put my product to the test and used Tension Toner to completely rehabilitate my shoulder. Looking back it’s clear to me now that I was mainly focused on working out my “mirror muscles” (the muscles you see when you flex in the mirror). This was creating muscle imbalances and over time putting undo strain on my shoulder. That injury taught me the incredibly important lesson of balancing muscle strength, particularly in my pulling muscles. From that day on, I have used Tension Toner during every workout session.

In a small way, my grandpa’s legacy continues to live on through Tension Toner. From helping people lose weight, gain muscle, rehabilitate joints and prevent injuries, Tension Toner is transforming lives all over the world.

Keep pulling ahead,

Joe Sans, Founder of Tension Toner


Joe Sans

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