The Story of Tension Toner

Joe Sans The Story of Tension Toner

Joe Sans is the inventor of Tension Toner. He got the concept from something his grandpa had shown him when he was younger.

Joe's grandpa demonstrated how by just pulling on a hand towel could use one’s own resistance to build muscle.  It's a long known training concept known as isometric exercises, and that is where it all started.

Many years later, Joe was exercising at home with some resistance bands and other portable exercise equipment.  Even with all this exercise gear, his workout always seemed to fall short.

Joe thought to himself, “What if there was a workout bar that allowed me to pull against resistance in an isometric manner and gave me instant visual feedback to know if I was pulling hard enough?  And what if I could also clip on resistance bands to the bar to allow for a multi-directional workout?”

Joe went on to patent his portable home workout system. In a small way, his grandfather's legacy continues to live on through Tension Toner and is helping to impact many lives.

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