Get Toned and Lean While Fixing Muscle Imbalances

80+ Full Body Exercises That Trigger Multiple Muscles At Once

Exercise workout bar for home gym exercise equipment that will help lose weight and increase muscles


Because of the adjustable built-in resistance within the bar, your body will work harder. It’s kind of like running on a beach, versus running on concrete. Which would burn more calories and use more muscles? The beach, right? That’s what it’s like when you’re strength training with Tension Toner.



Most people that strength train exercise their “mirror muscles,” which are the muscles you see when you flex in front of the mirror. Over-training mirror muscles while under-training other important muscle groups like your back muscles, trapezius muscles, and back of shoulders, creates muscle imbalances. That’s how injuries happen. Left untreated it could affect nearby joints, nerves and muscles and may require surgical intervention.



Sometimes stronger muscles on one side of the body work harder, reducing the challenge to the same muscle group on the other side. This happens with straight barbells. Tension Toner, although a single unit, is a split bar. This creates an unbalanced load that your body has to adapt to, meaning you train each side equally.



Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been working out for years. Whether you’re young or aging gracefully, there is a Tension Toner workout for you. Our adjustable tension setting allows you to change the resistance within the bar. That means you can be challenged no matter what end of the fitness spectrum you’re on. We’ve had everyone from mixed martial artists, to physique competitors, to stay at home moms, use and love Tension Toner.



You know what’s annoying? Having to assemble things. You know what’s even more annoying? Not having room in your house for the thing you just assembled. Tension Toner comes fully assembled & weighs 2 pounds. It folds in half so you can take it with you (yes it fits in almost all carry-on bags too). Tension Toner was engineered to fit into your life, whether you want to take a quick mental break at work or home, or whether you want an incredible full body workout.

Customer Reviews

via Instagram  @lauralondonfitness

via Instagram @lauralondonfitness

I get a lot of questions about creating a home gym and what the best equipment to have would be. The Tension Toner is a great addition to any home gym.
— Laura London, owner of Laura London Fitness
Thank you for inventing this system. I have been exercising all my life (I’m 61 years old), and this is the best all around workout that I’ve ever had, and it is helping rebuild my joints which have suffered trauma over the years because of my intensive martial arts training and practice.
— Ben-Tzion
This is great equipment for resistance exercises to tone and strengthen muscles. Have only had it for a few days but can already feel the burn!
— Courtney Roberts
via Instagram:  @patrickvannegri

via Instagram: @patrickvannegri

I love the pump and the burn it gave me.
No gym? No problem! Stop making excuses... Just GO for it!!!
— Patrick Van Negri, GQ Insider
This product is fantastic. You can feel the effects after a short 10-15 workout comparable to spending an hour at the gym switching machines and waiting for others ahead of you to finish. It is incredibly portable and compared to other home workout solutions takes up virtually no space. Highly recommend. The ability to get a workout on both parts of the movement is great.
— Scott Gast
Love the product. Easy to set up and perfect for traveling. It’s great!
— Miriah
The tension indicator straps in the middle make it easy to check that you are keeping your grip apart, and believe me when I say that the added resistance makes every exercise a little bit harder. By adding the resistance, your muscles not only remain contracted throughout the entire movement, but it also helps work other muscles in the group as well as the surrounding stabilizer muscles to add strength and functionality, not just size.
— Dylan Murphy
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Joe Sans Creator of Tension Toner

The Story of Tension Toner

My name is Joe and I am the inventor of Tension Toner.  The idea for Tension Toner came from something my grandpa had shown me when I was 10 years old.  It was a simple concept, and nothing groundbreaking.  In fact it was inspired by something you have in your house right now.  Any guesses?

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QUALITY GUARANTEE:  We stand by our quality.  Our workout equipment is made from premium, high quality materials.  In the very rare event that you receive a defective unit, we'll replace or completely refund your purchase.

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