Increase Muscle Balance
and Get Lean
with over 70 Full Body

(Without Spending Hours at the Gym)


Joe Sans Creator of Tension Toner

The Story of Tension Toner

After years of weight training and thinking I knew everything there was to know about exercising, I learned a hard lesson. I was sidelined by a shoulder injury after a routine gym workout.

I was in excruciating pain. Every time I moved my shoulder too quickly or in a certain direction, it felt like I was being speared by a harpoon. My shoulder pain became even worse at night. I would wake up in a cold sweat grabbing my shoulder and trying to massage away the pain.

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Customer Reviews

Thank you for inventing this system. I have been exercising all my life (I’m 61 years old), and this is the best all around workout that I’ve ever had, and it is helping rebuild my joints which have suffered trauma over the years because of my intensive martial arts training and practice. It is also helping me rehab from shoulder surgery (nice and easy) significantly faster than the surgeon had expected.
— Ben-Tzion

I’m a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer and appreciate a well built and useful fitness tool. There’s enough junk on the market I’m selective of what I buy and what I review and recommend. What I like about Tension Toner is its pretty much a no-brainer to use effectively. Keep the middle straps taught and you are engaging your shoulder and upper core stabilizers at the same time you’re using your larger muscles to create strength, endurance and hypertrophy. Or if you’re using with your feet , you’re developing your core stabilizers and hip stabilizers. Beyond that it’s well built, easily portable and simple to use.
— J. Smith

This product is fantastic. You can feel the effects after a short 10-15 workout comparable to spending an hour at the gym switching machines and waiting for others ahead of you to finish. It is incredibly portable and compared to other home workout solutions takes up virtually no space. Highly recommend. The ability to get a workout on both parts of the movement is great.
— Scott Gast

Love the product. Easy to set up and perfect for traveling. It’s great!
— Miriah